Zara and Mike's body language show ‘no real hierarchy’ in Tindall family – 'genuine unity'


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Zara and Mike Tindall married 11 years ago in Scotland and now have three children together. A never before seen picture of the family surfaced on social media on Friday, and a body language expert spoke exclusively to to analyse the family dynamics.

The black and white photo was presumably snapped at the family’s home of Gatcombe Park in Gloucestershire.

The photo shows the family sitting in a vertical line, with one-year-old Lucas at the front, Mike behind him, then Zara, followed by four-year-old Lena and finally eight-year-old Mia at the back.

The family appear to be sitting on a wooden floor in their living room, with an L-shaped sofa behind them.

Mike is lying down on his front along the curve of the sofa, as he holds onto little Lucas who is sitting on the floor.

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Zara is gripping onto Mike’s shoulders, with Lena sitting on her mum’s back.

Meanwhile, Mia is stood upright at the back of the sofa with her arms outstretched into the air.

Behind the sofa is a very large black metal clock with Roman Numerals.

What was the family’s body language like?


“This is such a joyful, well-crafted but still spontaneous pose from the one Royal Family that always seems the most natural, happy and playful,” body language expert Judi James claimed.

Where would the inspiration for the pose have come from?

Judi explained: “The origins of this pose must be in Mike’s experience of rugby scrums.

“What we have is a tower of children and parents, but with no real hierarchy as the girls are at the top of the pile, posing with complete confidence in front of the camera.

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“Meanwhile, the baby of the family is presented close to the camera and happily gurgling with delight to be part of the fun,” Judi opined.

What does this family portrait say about the Tindall family?

Judi suggested: “The pose shows genuine unity, creativity and a sense of unity within the family unit.

“It’s also posed like a celebration of the lack of restrictions that come from being non-royal but at the heart of the Royal Family.”

Royal fans loved this photo when they saw it on social media.

For instance, Twitter user @JenCarsonTaylor said: “Such a great family! So much love and energy, each with a distinct character or personality that is nurtured.”

Another fan, @campingandrain added: “This family is so drama-free. And so laid back.”

The Tindall family live up the road from Princess Anne on the Gatcombe Park estate.


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