You’ve been cleaning your baking trays all wrong… this trick with a 2p coin will make them as good as new

WE’VE all got some grubby baking trays lurking somewhere in our kitchen.

But here’s a tip that will have them good as new in seconds – and you only need a 2p coin.


Save your hands and scrubbing brushes with this easy trick[/caption]

If your oldest baking trays are caked in grease and grime you may be tempted to toss them out rather than tackle the grime.

Before you say sayonara to your trusty trays, try this 2p tip.

Oven Pride says to begin by soaking your baking tray in hot, soapy water.


Then, simply leave it alone for 30 minutes.

Next, grab your 2p coin and scrub the tray with the coin in a circular motion to cut through the layers of muck.

Finally, rinse the baking tray along with the loosened filth.

For a final wash to make sure all the dirt is off, put the tray in the dishwasher.

Don’t try this tip on non-stick pans as it can damage their sensitive coating.

To stop the grime build-up before it gets bad again try using baking parchment on your trays where possible to avoid burnt on liquids, grease and oil.

You can even buy reusable tray liners which are more environmentally friendly than disposable roasting tins.

Soak your oven trays in hot, soapy water straight after use to loosen the cooking grease.


The grimy trays can pile up if you don’t keep on top of them[/caption]

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You don’t even need to pop to the shops to do this hack[/caption]

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