‘Worst place’ to keep your peace lily or risk negative effects – ‘best’ area to opt for


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Peace lilies are tropical plants naturally growing amidst dense forest vegetation. They love consistent moisture and infrequent splashes of sunlight. A thriving peace lily plant is one that gets to soak up an indoor environment that simulates this atmosphere the best. Most will grow up to an average of 40cm inside if amongst the most generous and matching of conditions – so having a few different varieties of these houseplants strategically positioned throughout the home will really be something to look forward to heading into their bloom.

While these plants are relatively simple to care for, when selecting the proper placement for a peace lily, it’s essential to consider the concrete needs of the living plant – most importantly light and water.

Express.co.uk spoke exclusively to two houseplant experts on their thoughts on where peace lilies should and should not be kept in homes.

Mo Bhula, Plant specialist at The Botanical Archive, claimed the “worst place” to keep the houseplants is near heat sources even though they can tolerate most indoor conditions.

He said: “The worst place for a peace lily is above a radiator or in front of a south facing window. Whilst peace lilies are somewhat tolerant of indoor conditions they do require some humidity and prefer bright indirect light.

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The expert said: “The worst place to keep peace lilies is near a drafty window or door. These plants prefer warm and humid environments but drafts can cause their leaves to dry out and may lead to browning tips on their foliage.

“Another bad spot is near a heat source like a heating vent or fireplace as it will make the air too dry for these tropical plants.”

In its tropical, natural habitat, this stunning plant would enjoy steamy conditions thanks to its rainforest setting.

As a result peace lily owners should make their green beauty feel at home by placing them in an area of high humidity like a kitchen or a bathroom, according to Mo.

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He said: “The best place for a peace lily is a bright bathroom or kitchen, some of the more naturally humid parts of your home.”

If the chosen spot isn’t as humid as gardens would like, mist the plant regularly, especially in the summer months or for those who like the idea of a gang of plants in their home, place them close together and amazingly they will act as humidifiers for each other.

Once owners have sorted out where to keep their peace lily they need to make sure they are watering the houseplant correctly, as Mo warned that the “easiest way to kill your peace lily” is by overwatering or watering the “wrong way”.

Emily agreed as she warned: “Watering your peace lily the wrong way can cause serious damage and even death to the plant.”

Mo urged: “Avoid the TikTok hacks of drip feeding with a bottle or bottom watering your peace lily and follow this method instead. Firstly you want to make sure you have it potted up in a well draining soil mix (add perlite or horticultural grit if you are unsure) and water your lily until it is running out of the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot.

“You want to ensure your plant is kept moist and not wet so avoid watering again until at least the top inch of soil is dry – use your finger to measure this. It is important when watering that you remove the excess water from your display pot so your plant is not sitting in stagnant water as this could encourage root rot.”

Emily also noted the importance of never leaving peace lilies to sit in water. She said: “The worst way to water peace lilies is by allowing them to sit in standing water. This leads to root rot which will eventually suffocate the roots and kill the plant. On the other hand, using too little water can cause wilting or yellowing of leaves due to dehydration and lack of nutrient uptake.”

Instead she advised: “The best way to keep your peace lilies healthy is by watering them evenly but sparingly, keeping them neither soaked nor dried out.”



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