Woman shames date for how he eats his salad – but people are saying she’s the one in the wrong

GOING ON a date is a nerve-racking experience for many.

There are many things that could give you the ick when on a date – dirty nails, smelly breath or bad manners, but this woman’s date made her feel awkward with the way he ate. 


One TikTok user was cringed out with how her date ate his salad[/caption]

23-year-old TikTok user Sydney Kinney, from Iowa, shared a hilariously awkward video of her Tinder date eating his salad during their date.

She posted the video with the caption ‘What is up with Tinder guys???’ and filmed her date demolishing his leafy greens. 

She said: “I met this guy on Tinder and decided to go on a date with him. 

“This is how he ate his salad.”

In the video we see the man eating his salad with his fingers, picking up each mouthful and dipping it into a dressing before eating it. 

Sydney’s video has quickly racked up a whopping 4.1million views.

It has 127.4k likes and 5,642 comments. 

People in the comments were shocked after watching Sydney’s date eat the salad with his hands.

One TikTok user joked: “Why are you still there.” 

While another person advised: “Girl RUNNNNNN.”

A third said: “He’s not eating, he’s shoveling. Goodbye.” 

However some TikTok users defended the man and claimed Sydney was actually in the wrong. 

One person said: “You are the red flag.”

Another added: “What’s worse is people video their dates and putting it on TikTok.”

A third commented: “Maybe he was trying to hurry to get the date over because you were on your phone.”


While critiquing the TikToker, one person shared: “He’s being himself plus some cultures eat with their hands.”

And someone else said: “Sometimes women are worried about the wrong thing.”

What do you think?


Her date ate his salad with his fingers and dipped each piece into dressing[/caption]

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