'What about your son?' Russia misery laid bare as soldier’s mum panics over missing iPhone


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The financial situation in Russia has significantly worsened since the start of Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine due to the sanctions imposed by the West. Despite reports that show the Russian president trying to conceal the hardship faced by his people, the country is said to have been impoverished.

In this latest event, a woman appears so indifferent to her son’s faith, and, on the other hand, anxious about the debt her family is into, that she worries about her son’s iPhone and not his life.

Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to the minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, shared the video with the caption: “Russian mum worries about her captured son’s iPhone 13 much more than about her son.

“Well, it’s not surprising, actually. They still owe payments for the phone, and they got their (now captured) child for free.”

The Russian soldier is shown in the video desperately bending his head and facing the ground as he hears his mum lashing out about the iPhone that his grandparents bought him as a gift.

The Ukrainian commander then insists on asking her: “And didn’t you think, there could be a completely other question: ‘Where is my son?’”

During the rest of the video, the soldier is being interrogated about a tattoo on his arm, that reads “13SS12 Spartak”.

He is questioned about the SS letters and his connection to nazist organisations, to which he responds that the tattoo refers to the Russian football team club SS Spartak.

He explains that he used to be a hooligan and that the numbers 1312 refer to the anarchist acronym ACAB, while the SS letters are only used “to separate the numbers”.

Yet, Ukrainians confront the soldier about potential involvement with the far-right and the Russian justification of the war over the “denazification” of Ukraine.


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