‘We still need to be careful’: What are the 'top' Covid symptoms after a single jab?


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Despite a recent fall in Covid infections in recent weeks, the disease is still lurking around. While the vaccine offers protection from severe Covid, vaccinated people still report getting Covid and suffering all sorts of symptoms. The UK’s largest study on Covid symptoms, the Zoe Health Study has outlined the most common symptoms experienced by those who have been jabbed just once.

The study reported that headache is the “top” Covid symptom for those who have been vaccinated once.

This is followed by a runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, and a persistent cough.

The health body specifically recommends taking “reasonable precautions” if you are sneezing, despite there being no official government advice.

Sternutation is the medical term for sneezing, which is your body trying to clear your nose of bacteria and viruses.

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The Zoe Health study creators recommend that people who have had one dose of the vaccine but are sneezing without any explanation should take reasonable precautions.

They state: “Sneezing a lot could be a potential sign that someone vaccinated has COVID-19 and, however mild, should take a test and self-isolate to protect their friends, family and colleagues.”

While sneezing often doesn’t feel serious, it can help the virus to spread as the droplets in a sneeze carry Covid.

They wrote: “Try to cover all coughs and sneezes with tissue or the inside of your elbow to minimise the spread of droplets.


Why do the symptoms keep changing?

The most common symptoms have changed a lot over the months. It’s noticeable that loss of smell and shortness of breath are much less common these days.

One reason for this may be the rise of new variants, such as omicron BA.5.

Zoe explains: “There are a few reasons why symptoms may be changing, including the fact that those who have been vaccinated experience less severe symptoms, as well as more cases being reported by younger people, who we have found experience different, less severe symptoms as well.”

What other illnesses are lurking around this winter?

According to Professor Francois Balloux, director at the UCL Genetics Institute, there is a third prevalent virus alongside Covid and flu to be concerned about.

The professor told Express.co.uk about the threat of RSV – respiratory syncytial virus – which often brings mild, cold-like symptoms.

Most people recover from the disease after around a week or two but RSV is particularly a threat to children and older adults.

The professor explained: “RSV is a leading cause of child hospitalisation and the virus kills more than 100,000 children each year globally. That’s more than 50 times as many children than those who died from Covid throughout the pandemic.”


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