We save £1,000 a month living in other people’s homes – it’s easy money & we only pay for food

ALTHOUGH we’re always sad to return home after a holiday, we have to admit – there’s nothing quite like curling up on your own sofa with a cup of tea in hand.

But once Claire Goodall and Michael Ashfield are done with a place, they simply move onto the next.


Claire formerly worked in a hospital before setting up her house-sitting business[/caption]


The couple moved out of their Surrey flat five years ago[/caption]

Confused? Well, the couple are professional house and pet-sitters – and claim to save a whopping £1,000 a month by staying in their clients’ homes.

Five years ago, Claire, 31, and Michael, 36, quit their traditional nine-to-five jobs and moved out of their flat in Surrey to travel the world.

After two years of globetrotting, the jet-setting pair decided to return to the UK – but still wanted the freedom to travel the country and pack up at a moment’s notice.

Claire said: “We house sit full-time. We usually tend to spend a week in each place but occasionally we are somewhere for a longer term.


“Very rarely there is a gap of maybe two days where we have nowhere to stay and so then we just check into an Airbnb or something.

Before setting up their house-sitting business, Claire worked in a hospital while Mike was employed in a timber yard.

Alongside house-sitting, Claire now works part-time as a speech and language therapist – which she does remotely from whenever they are based at the time.

Describing how much flexibility it gives them, she added: “We love animals, we travel light and we are people that just adapt so it’s perfect for us.

“Sometimes it can take a little while to figure out where everything is. I might be looking for a colander or cheese grater for example but generally people are very kind and leave us instructions on where everything is and how to use the television and everything.

“The only real outgoings we have are the food we eat and our social lives.


They move roughly every week[/caption]


Claire and Michael save £1,000 a month living in other people’s homes[/caption]

“We have stayed in some wonderful places, spent time with some beautiful animals and have saved an absolute fortune.

“We enjoy every minute of it.”

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