Was Tommy Shelby a real MP for Birmingham South? His Labour speech in full


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Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy) gave a rousing speech to the working men and women of Birmingham in the second episode of the final season of hit BBC drama. The Peaky Blinders were a real street gang in Birmingham but was leader Tommy a real MP? Express.co.uk takes a look at the political history of the area.

Was Tommy Shelby a real MP for Birmingham South?

Showrunner Steven Knight was inspired by the real street gang in Birmingham.

However, he created the entire Shelby family and so Tommy was not a real person. 

The final season of the drama is set in 1934.

However, the Parliament constituency of Birmingham South was abolished in 1918.

Therefore, Tommy was not a real MP as depicted in the BBC drama. 

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“But it is you my friends who must suffer the cuts in wages and in welfare and in dignity,” he continued. “And you must not complain because that would be unpatriotic. 

“You soldiers who have fought in France, you are traitors if you speak up. You veterans of their wars and their booms and their busts, it is you who must take the blows and carry the burdens for the sake of those in greener pastures who bellow at you ‘silence’.

“Well watch this comrades, I will not be silent. Not this Englishman.

“No silence from me. No silence from me, because I have heard your voices when you come to me and tell me about the cries of your hungry children, and I will gather up every single one of those cries and I will take ‘em with me on the train back to Westminster and I will let them out of the bag in the House of Commons, and let them try to silence that, ey?”

“Shouldn’t that involve some sharing of the burden?” Tommy shouted.

“All of us taking a smaller slice of the cake? After all, it’s b****y us who bakes the cake and makes the cars and melts the metal. And the King, remember him, the man who ordered all of this, shouldn’t he be taking some of the cuts? Some of the blows? Some of the pain?”

Silencing the crowed, he added: “Hush, you working men and women. Silence. Good. Save your voices you are going to need them on Saturday when we rally together at the Bull Ring Market and together we’ll raise the roof we’ll break the damned silence and bring down this broken government.”

Peaky Blinders continues on BBC One on Sunday at 9pm.



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