Visceral fat: Simple mealtime hack for burning fat – expert advice


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Having an excessive amount of visceral fat in the body can result in a range of issues including type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. While genetics can play a part in how much visceral fat you have, there are certain lifestyle factors that play a part. One expert spoke with about a simple meal-time trick that could help you burn belly fat.

Medical director of Clinic Sese, Piroska Cavell, explained more.

She said: ”Visceral fat is particularly dangerous because it is what’s known as active fat and plays a role in our endocrine system increasing insulin resistance putting you at risk of diabetes, stroke, heart attacks and cancer.

“You don’t have to look overweight to have high visceral fat.

“Stress and the release of the stress hormone can increase visceral fat storage around the abdomen. But the main cause is in your diet.

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“The good news is visceral fat whilst dangerous shifts rapidly with exercise and a few diet tweaks.”

Ms Cavell shared her hack on how to keep your portion sizes under control.

“Look at your portion size,” she said. “Be honest about it.”

“Use your fist as a guide: one fist size portion of protein, two of veg or salad and one of carbohydrates – such as whole meal pasta, brown rice or pulses.


Eat fermented foods – kimchi, sauerkraut or in drinks such as kombucha. Your gut will thank you.

It’s not possible to know how much visceral fat is hidden in the body without imaging tests.

But you can get a rough estimate by measuring your waist using the belly button as a marker.

For women 35 inches or more can signal visceral fat and for men it’s 40 inches.


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