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Top 10 tips to keep your home warm this winter – from UK's most honest plumbers

The Covid-friendly DIY offering from friends and business partners Son Osman and Al Emin comes days before a below-freezing blast is expected to hit the UK.

Plummeting temperatures will see hundreds of thousands of panicked homeowners call up heating engineers. But most are unaware they can carry out most jobs themselves.

The nationwide service – a UK first – means those left without heating can save on expensive call out fees and in most cases take simple steps to get things working again.

And today they give Daily Express readers their top 10 tips for keeping things ticking over this winter, potentially saving you thousands of pounds in the process.

Son, 39, from Sevenoaks, Kent, said: “Covid has caused a lot of problems and people are understandably reluctant to have people in their homes. This seemed like an obvious solution – a service that is a fraction of the cost of standard callouts and avoids direct contact. In most cases customers can fix things themselves and make a massive saving.”

The service – Herofix – allows people to fix or diagnose a plumbing disaster in as little as 15 minutes.

A video call with a professionally qualified expert gives easy to understand, step-by-step advice. It also means the end of expensive call out fees – often at least a flat £100 before an engineer even turns up – for what is often an easy DIY fix.

It signals another shift in the way we live our lives post Covid, with face-face contact for a host of services now being eliminated.

Since it launched the chums have been inundated with calls from people unaware they can solve most domestic issues in minutes and for peanuts. 

Al, 40, said: “The pandemic pushed our idea into motion and the vision grew quickly. We realised we were doing more than coming up with a solution for the here and now, we are paving the way for what we hope will soon become the new normal in solving plumbing issues. We have learned many customers like to feel independent and able to undertake DIY jobs themselves, without having to spend unnecessary money or waiting for a time window that can often be days or weeks away. 

“Money is tight for a lot of people, especially after the 18-months we have experienced. “This seems like a sensible approach.”


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