'Too thin-skinned!' Ulrika Jonsson shares her fears as ‘workplace banter’ complaints soar


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“At what point am I allowed to stand up and say my breasts are called breasts because that is what they biologically and organically are?”

The comment caused offence among some members of the transgender community.

However Ulrika insists she is not transphobic, and merely feels proud to be female.

Pink News also commented that “birthing people” was being used as an additional term, alongside the conventional label of “mother”, instead of replacing it.

After claiming she had been a victim of “cancel culture”, Ulrika then took a guest slot on the panel of Piers Morgan’s TalkTV show Uncensored.

She was replacing Sharon Osbourne, who had temporarily rushed back to LA to nurse husband Ozzy after he fell prey to Covid.

Piers had vowed that he would use the show to “cancel cancel culture” and provide an environment where people could openly engage in debate without the fear of reprisals.


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