The Last Kingdom's Rognvaldr opens up on 'disgusting' filming mishap: 'Real snot!'


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Although Netflix’s hit historical series The Last Kingdom ended in March, many of its stars including Micki Stoltt have reflected on filming the drama. The actor opened up about a filming mishap which featured ‘real snot’ during season five. 

The action-filled series returned to Netflix for the final time to show Uhtred’s (played by Alexander Dreymon) journey to Bebbanburg. 

The instalment saw appearances from a number of new characters including Rognvaldr (Micki Stoltt) who was introduced as Sigtryggr’s (Eysteinn Sigurðarson) brother. 

When Sigtryggr and his wife Stiorra (Ruby Hartley) began leading their own community, Rognvaldr arrived to seek refuge for him and his people. 

However, it was soon discovered the new arrival had ulterior motives and had been planning to kill his sister-in-law Stiorra. 

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“I wanted there to be more snot actually,” the actor confessed.

He continued: “It was so funny because finally, I have a character where it doesn’t ruin anything.

“There’s such a big difference if it’s a character like Uhtred and his snot is running, you don’t really want that, but a character like Rognvaldr it’s okay, he can be a little disgusting.”

During his interview on the Screen Chronicles Podcast, the Rognvaldr star added: “I got happy and loved how there was snot there and to be honest I’m proud that it’s not fake, that it is real, it’s my own snot.”

As Sigtryggr decided to keep Rognvaldr alive, he chose to leave his brother’s fate to the Gods and when his hands began healing, Sigtryggr accepted the Gods had spared him. 

Although Rognvaldr survived the ordeal, Sigtryggr met his demise after he stormed the Saxon camp and was punished by King Edward (Timothy Innes). 

He was stabbed to death by his father-in-law Uhtred, which left Stiorra heartbroken as she had to witness her husband die whilst Rognvaldr lived. 

As Rognvaldr was still alive when the series came to an end, this could indicate the character could appear in the show’s upcoming feature film, Seven Kings Must Die. 


The Last Kingdom is available on Netflix


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