Tennis legend Chris Evert reveals she is battling ovarian cancer and is about to start chemotherapy to fight illness

TENNIS legend Chris Evert has revealed she is going to have chemotherapy for stage one ovarian cancer.

The American, 67, opened up about her diagnosis in an article written by friend and journalist Chris McKendry.


Chris Evert has been diagnosed with stage one ovarian cancer[/caption]

Evert told ESPN: “I feel very lucky that they caught it early and expect positive results from my chemo plan.”

She wanted to help others going through a similar struggle and took her illness public as a result.

Evert, who does tennis punditry work with ESPN, added: “Ovarian cancer is a very deadly disease. Any information is power.

“I wanted to share my stage 1 ovarian cancer diagnosis and the story behind it as a way to help others.

“I feel very lucky they caught it early and expect positive results from my chemo plan. Thanks to Chris McKendry for her friendship and co-writing this personal story with me.

“And thanks to all of you for respecting my need to focus on my health and treatment plan.

“You will see me appear from home at times during ESPN’s coverage of the Aussie Open.”

Players past and present were quick to send messages of support to the former world No1.

More to follow…

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