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The 'sticky' sign of a ‘common’ eye infection – worse in the mornings

The NHS recommends seeing a doctor in certain circumstances, including if:Your baby has red eyes – get an urgent appointment if your baby...

Cancer signs: Hematochezia may be the ‘most common presentation of bowel cancer’

Cancer warning signs are uncommon in the initial stages, so it is essential to act swiftly when symptoms like hematochezia emerge.

'No longer beneficial!' Drivers warned of massive fines for using common fuel-saving trick

Coasting is covered under Rule 122 of the Highway Code and is defined as a vehicle travelling in neutral or with the clutch...

Visceral fat: Eight ‘common’ reasons you might be struggling to lose weight – expert

You’re not getting enough sleepMs Alhassan suggests aiming for seven to eight hours of sleep a night, if possible. She added: “Sleep is...

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'Leading to a fatal accident!' Drivers warned of common petrol station fuel-saving trick

The petrol trick is commonly used among drivers but according to one motoring expert it can be very dangerous.