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'Young and immature' Michael Caine blamed himself for divorce 'Poverty and failure'

MICHAEL CAINE has blamed his "young and immature" self for the breakdown of his first marriage following the birth of his daughter.

'My b***** memory’s going' Michael Caine on the health effects that have ended his career

During an interview back in October 2021, Caine is described as having a “gammy leg, dodgy spine and reckons the only time he...

Michael Caine, 89, supported by assistant while using walking frame on day out with wife

Sir Michael Caine was spotted out and about in London with his wife Shakira today.The Italian Job star, 89, was seen being supported...

Michael Caine was seen with a walking frame after surgery as ‘can’t walk very well’ – why?

Lumbar stenosis is the more common of the two.The other symptoms to look out for are pain and cramping in both legs when...

Michael Caine, 89, clutches onto bodyguard and walking stick for support on date with wife

MICHAEL CAINE has been pictured clutching onto his bodyguard as he heads on a date with his wife.