'Stayed three minutes and left' Tory grandee Gale walks out of Boris charm offensive chat


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Sir Roger Gale has revealed he walked out three minutes into Boris Johnson’s meeting with the Conservative backbench 1992 Committee amid an attempt by the Prime Minister to shore up support amongst his party. 

Sir Roger told Sky News: “I will be very frank with you. I stayed for three minutes and left.

“I didn’t storm out in a huff, I found the tone of the meeting from the very beginning, shall we say very different from the tone in the House of Commons.

“I had gone expecting a serious meeting about serious issues.

“I didn’t expect a lot of bluster and pantomime performance and I’m afraid that’s what I heard.”


Kay Burley asked him: “Do you think he just doesn’t take it seriously enough?”

“I think you can say that yes,” replied the Tory grandee.

It comes after the Prime Minister apologised 35 times in less than two hours during his first appearance in the Commons after being fined over a Downing Street party.

Mr Johnson apologised twice in his opening statement, and repeated the apology to 33 MPs who questioned him about partygate.



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