'So beautiful' Ukraine TV host cries as boyfriend proposes from frontline during live show


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Soldier Yurii Gerun decided to pop the question to his now bride-to-be Maryna Pityliak on Independence Day as she presented a celebratory programme on Ukrainian television. Mr Gerun delivered a heartfelt message, commenting on Ms Pityliak’s blue eyes before a TV crew member brought in a ring and placed it in front of the Ukrainian journalist. Ukrainian soldiers have been apart from many of their loved ones for over six months now, as the war has continued to rage and peace talks have been put on pause.

Speaking ahead of the proposal, the serving soldier said: “I wish you could always look with your blue eyes into my chocolate-coloured eyes.

“That we create from our two independence one great independence, one great independence.

“There’s a huge responsibility behind us, because there’s also a victory ahead of us, it’s our mutual victory.

“Of the whole nation, the whole country, and our own with you.”

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Another reporter in the studio whipped out a diamond ring in front of Ms Pityliak and put it in front of her, and said: “Your beloved wants to take you as his wife, what do you say to that?”

Placing the ring on her finger whilst whipping tears of joy from her face, Ms Pityliak held up her hand to the camera as Mr Gerun asked: “Does it fit?”

Ms Pityliak said: “Everything fits me with you.”

Mr Gerun added: “You’re my meteorite.”

Ms Pityliak said: “I love you, that means 100 yes!”

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Other Ukrainian couples have been either split apart as the men in the country stayed to fight, whilst women and children evacuated at the beginning of the illegal invasion.

There have been images circulating throughout the conflict which has been raging for the past six months, showing Ukrainian servicemen marrying their girlfriends.

Images show Ukrainian servicemen wearing full camouflage military gear whilst saying their vows amongst small audiences of other soldiers.

It is still unknown when Soldier Yurii Gerun and journalist Maryna Pityliak will marry, but it is likely to be after the war.



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