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Although we are edging closer to the start of Spring, forecasters are anticipating sub-zero temperatures and snow to re-emerge over the next two weeks. In fact, for some places in the UK a chilly blast is predicted to bring snow depths of 25cm.

BBC weather forecaster Chris Fawkes said the beginning of this week will see “a fair amount of dry weather and sunshine” as a band of low pressure moves in.

However, he cautioned that the temporary dry spells will abruptly end in the latter half of the week as “cold winds will develop as the week goes by.”

Causing this is a dominant high to the east that blocks the jet stream, causing it to split into a fork of two high pressure and cold air streams.

The dominant high will make it difficult for the jet stream to pass and so the cold weather will last for a while.

Commenting on the likelihood of snow this week, Jim Dale, a senior meteorologist for the British Weather Services said: “A displacement of the Polar Vortex is starting to show in the direction of Russia which means the cold air will follow.

“During the start of the week we expect a southerly airflow which turns south-easterly, bringing colder air out of Italy and the Continent.

“Initially this will bring cold, dry, frosty conditions although there is then the potential for some snow over high ground in parts of the country.

“Later in the week we look to the Atlantic, and a battle between milder air coming in from the west and cold air in situ over the UK.”

Maps from WXCharts have forecast snow to fall for the first time this week on Wednesday from 6am.

Parts of northern Scotland, including the Highlands, will be the only regions in the UK that experience snow showers at this point.

At their peak these showers will reach depths of 25cm, while areas further inland will experience between two and 10cm.

Much of Thursday will see similar conditions before the showers eventually die off as we head into Friday.

Although temperatures will start to pick up as we head into the weekend, beginning on March 12, cold snaps will return by Tuesday (March 15), reaching as low as -3C in some parts.

As part of its long range outlook the Met Office said: “Temperatures looking to be rather below normal and perhaps feeling cooler in the wind.

“Through the period, frontal systems push eastwards which are likely to bring strengthening winds in addition to potential snowfall.”

On Thursday (March 17) Netweather is expecting a strong likelihood of snow falling – between 80 and 90 percent – across high ground areas in Scotland.

These wintry conditions will gradually make their way further south, by 6pm that evening, covering the English Pennines and most of Wales at similar probabilities.

Snow showers are forecast to be less frequent on Friday (March 18) although they are still likely to affect areas of northern Scotland from 6am until midday – 80 percent chance.

Parts of southern Scotland and the English Pennines have an 80 to 95 percent chance of experiencing snow on Saturday (March 19), with showers expected to grow in their intensity once more.

Then, on Sunday (March 20) the risk of snow is predicted to remain, but this time the chance of showers occurring anywhere other than high ground areas of Scotland will fall to as low as 55 percent.


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