‘Simple’ way to dry clothes ‘sufficiently’ without a tumbler dryer – ‘safe and affordable’


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For many, drying clothes outside is the only option due to limited space or no tumble dryer. Even if you do have a tumble dryer, they can be expensive to run, especially with energy bills on the rise. While it is not impossible to dry clothes outside during the winter months, they can take a lot longer and may still feel damp. An expert has shared top tips on drying clothes without a tumble dryer.

Daniel Nezhad, Director of UK Radiators, explained: “Ventilate the area…contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t opt to trap the heat in your home by keeping the windows and doors shut tight.

“When there are wet clothes filling the area, this will dampen the air in the room and make it near impossible for laundry to dry in good time.

“If the clothes are wet, and the air is wet, you’re giving the laundry no chance to lose its moisture.

“Plus, you could be causing some real structural damage to your home by encouraging damp spots and even mould to form. Instead, crank open the windows and let the outside air in.

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When it comes to placing clothing on the rack, it is important to make sure the clothes are strategically placed. This involves making sure longer and bulkier items are placed towards the top, taking care to avoid any clothing dragging on the floor.

Daniel also recommended checking items of clothing to make sure socks and underwear haven’t made their way into them in the wash.

Britons also shouldn’t overfill their washing machines as this can result in the washing coming out of the machine still soaking wet, causing it to take ages to dry.

The expert added: “If you have a hugely overfilled washing machine, the clothes will have trouble drying out on their final spins.

“The washer is designed to wring some of the water out of your laundry, so when there isn’t space for it to move around the moisture is essentially trapped.

“Try being restrictive over the amount you put into your washing machine. The first step is taking control over the separation of whites, darks and colours.

“Although it can be easy to just chuck it all in, you could be asking for trouble in the winter.”

As soon as the washing machine has finished its cycle, it is important to empty it as soon as possible to prevent nasty smells from circulating.

According to Daniel, if wet clothes are in a pile, they will never dry as they are constantly being rubbed against other damp objects.

He added: “Hanging your washing allows the laundry to air. Put the load on your drying rack straight away to allow it the best chance to dry in good time and keep the delightful odour of your washing powder.”



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