'Simple' method to ripen green tomatoes in cool weather – 'stimulates ripening quicker'


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Tomatoes and other fruit like avocados and bananas give off the natural plant hormone ethylene gas.

The gas is a natural plant hormone that regulates the plant’s growth and makes it ripen by converting the starch it stores into sugar.

Chris Hodges, head of marketing at Hozelock, also suggested putting tomatoes with a banana so the ethylene can help ripen the green tomatoes.

He said: “For tomatoes that haven’t ripened toward the end of the season, bring them inside and put a banana with them – the ethylene given off by the banana will help to ripen the fruit.”

Chris said tomatoes are incredibly popular due to their versatility and when it comes to cordon tomatoes – which are trained to grow on a single stem – it’s important to support the plants with a twine string.


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