‘She’s seen it!’ Shamima Begum tuned into UK media comments as it 'affects her mindset'


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ITV Global Security Editor Rohit Kachroo interviewed Shamima Begum as part of a new podcast series called “Shamima Begum: The Blame Game”. Mr Kachroo appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss the show and remarked how the 22-year-old was tuned in to UK media to better understand public opinion about her. The panel discussed how Ms Begum believes she is “demonised” and has become the “poster child” of Brits going to join ISIS as Mr Kachroo explained his thoughts from the podcast.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Mr Kachroo discussed his findings from the interview he had with Ms Begum.

He told the programme: “We didn’t pay attention to many of the key moments along the way.

“But what we realised was the real gaps were not in what happened, but the why.

“And so what we do here is take a closer and honest look at what the police did and didn’t do, what the schools did, what the local authorities haven’t done, for example, there hasn’t been a serious case review.

“And we even look at the impact that public perception has had, that journalists have had… this is really a podcast not just about Shamima Begum but it’s about everyone watching at home.

“It’s about me, it’s about you, it’s about you Susanna, you Richard.

“It’s about Andrew [Pierce] and Kevin [Maguire] and everyone who has written an article because really what she wants clear through this is that she knows what people think at home.

“Because there are phones inside the camps, there are ways to look at articles and so it may well be that you’ve written comments underneath the newspaper article and it may well be that she’s seen it.

“It may well be that it has affected her mindset.”

Host Susanna Reid noted how Ms Begum disliked how she was “demonised” as there were hundreds of other Brits like her who do not get as much media coverage.

Daily Mirror Associate Editor Kevin Maguire was also on the panel and believed Ms Begum should return back to the UK to face justice.

He explained if someone was groomed and left England to go to Scotland or another nearby country then authorities would try to get her back.

Political commentator and radio presenter Andrew Pierce disagreed and branded her “scheming, clever, manipulative” as she tries to distance herself from her terror links.

Ms Begum smuggled messages out of the Al-Roj Camp in northeast Syria to send to filmmakers to get her story out to the public.

The podcast found she has been selling food parcels to make enough money for western clothes and hair dye.



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