‘Saved a fortune!’: DIY gran saves £4,000 transforming ‘empty’ room into ‘amazing’ kitchen


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Depending on the size, installing a whole new kitchen can cost thousands of pounds. Cookie Johnson, 61, a credit controller, mum and grandmother from Lancashire, moved into a house that had no kitchen. Instead, there was an empty shell of a room. Determined to transform it without spending a fortune, she bought an old kitchen for £400 on Facebook Marketplace and modernised it using blue Frenchic paint. She also enlisted the help of her partner, an electrician and a gas engineer, bringing the total spend to £1,945. Cookie estimated that she saved over £4,000 compared to getting a new kitchen professionally installed.

Cookie told money-saving Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK: “When I moved in it had been empty for four years and had no kitchen. 

“It had some lovely features but was going to take a lot of work to restore. I wasn’t any good with practical skills but I have learnt very quickly.”

Cookie began by purchasing a second-hand kitchen from Facebook Marketplace for £400 which included the sink, dishwasher and washing machine.

She said: “My partner John is very handy and managed to use most of the recycled cabinets to create a new kitchen. We bought a new oven, hob and freezer.

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“These three fronts had two coats of MDF primer and then three coats of Frenchic.

“All the other cabinets were sugar soaped and then I painted three coats of Frenchic.

“The handles were soaked in sugar soap and then wire wool scrubbed followed by a metallic grey spray paint from Wilko.

“The total spend was £1,945. The biggest expense was the building materials like the insulation, pipework, gas installation, wiring and all the plasterboard.”

“I’m thoroughly pleased with the savings as we had a really small budget.

“I am so thrilled with it, it looks amazing and is very different. It gets lots of ‘wows’ from visitors.”

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk commented: “Most of us would look at that empty shell of a kitchen and be far too intimidated to take on the task ourselves.

“Well done to Cookie and John for putting in the blood, sweat and tears to turn an empty room into a gorgeous and functional kitchen.

“I love so many of Cookie’s money-saving tricks: buying a secondhand kitchen on social media can elicit some fantastic deals!”


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