Royal Family LIVE: Harry and Meghan will 'not make a scene' at Jubilee over security feud


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Fanatics obsessed with the Royal Family may attempt to disrupt the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, a security expert has said.

Philip Grindell, a former Metropolitan Police detective and founder/CEO of Defuse Global, an organisation which protects and advises some of the UK’s most recognizable public figures, told that the Jubilee may be threatened by a number of “fixated” individuals.

Mr Grindell said there are a number of individuals who “have delusions that they are actually the legitimate members of the Royal Family, have some affinity with the Royal Family or are just fixated with them”.

The security expert said that there will be a “huge security protocol” around these individuals as they sometimes attempt to “disrupt royal events or gain entry to them”.

Mr Grindell said these individuals are known to an organisation called FTAC, which stands for the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre.

FTAC is a joint police/mental health unit which was set up in October 2006 by the Home Office, the Department of Health and the Metropolitan police to assess and manage the risk to members of the Royal Family, politicians and public figures from obsessive individuals.



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