Roses: ‘Famous trick’ to make Valentine’s Day flowers last longer – ‘vital for preserving’


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Traditionally, the rose is considered the flower of love, which is often why red roses are popular Valentine’s Day gifts. Online marketplace ManoMano saw searches for roses increase by 53 percent in January compared to the previous month, with many preparing to gift the flowers to their loved ones. The experts have shared top tips and advice on how to preserve roses for a longer period of time.

They said: “The moment a flower is cut, it stops receiving the sap that will allow it to continue growing and opening up. A good tip to make cut flowers last longer is to always choose those that have yet to open or are just beginning to open.

“This advice is also useful for flowering plants bought in pots. If the flowers are yet to open, you can enjoy their bloom at home or in the garden.”

When purchasing roses, they often come wrapped with a sachet of flower food.

ManoMano recommended removing the plastic cellophane as it prevents the flowers from breathing freely.

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“It is equally important to remove the flowers that are getting damaged. This is because it can cause the rest of the bouquet to wilt prematurely.”

For those wanting to make their bouquet last forever, roses can be dried easily.

It is important to start the drying process when the roses are still in good condition.

ManoMano said: “Remove the water from the vase and add a centimetre of clean water. Absorption and time will take care of the rest, slowly dehydrating the flowers. They will be completely dry after a month or so.

“This is perhaps the oldest method but hang the bouquet upside down in a cool, dark place and use hairspray to keep the petals in place, letting the hairspray dry thoroughly before handling.

“Salt absorbs moisture very well, and flowers are no exception. Use coarse cooking salt in a container or tray, form a layer of a couple centimetres and place the flowers in it. Turn them over every day and let them dehydrate slowly.

“The silica gel works very quickly but you will need enough to cover the entire bouquet. The most common way to proceed is to use an airtight container in which a layer or silica beads is formed on top of which the flowers are added.

“They are then covered with more gel and left to act for a week or fortnight.”


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