‘Really is a pain!’ British expats expose the challenges of living in Spain – ‘tough’


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They added: “Siestas, Sundays and awkward business hours. Plus ‘mañana attitude’ is very real.”

Literally translated, mañana means tomorrow morning in Spanish. Mañana attitude is a term for the laidback nature of life in Spain. The pace of life is generally slower than in the UK.

While some expats may find this a challenge, others choose to move to Spain because they are looking for a slower lifestyle. Britons will also need to adapt to siesta culture.

Although this is becoming less common in some areas of Spain, many shops and businesses close down during the middle of the day. On the other hand, shops are often open far later than in the UK with even children out late at night.

Many supermarkets in Spain still mark Sunday as the day of rest and it can be difficult to pick up groceries at the end of the weekend. Many Spanish people spend Sundays at home with their families.

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