Putin 'NOT likely to win war' as Russia bid to capture Kyiv branded 'logistical nightmare'


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As the war in Ukraine has spiked a deteriorating humanitarian crisis, after Russia’s invasion in the Eastern European country, experts say Putin’s troops seem to be weakening. Former commanding general of US Army Europe, Ben Hodges, said he believes Russia unable to win this war that it started.

On the 14th day of Ukraine’s resistance against Putin’s army, air defences have managed to stop Russian jets from making a breakthrough to the north of Kyiv.

However, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Sumy and Mariupol remain encircled by Russian forces and continue to suffer heavy Russian shelling

Mr Hodges, who now holds the Pershing Chair in Strategic Studies at the Centre for European Policy Analysis, said he believes that Putin is unlikely to capture Kiev.

He warned the Russian army’s capabilities could degrade further, since their strategy so far is based on flawed assumptions.

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In an article published in The Daily Telegraph, the retired lieutenant claimed that the military forces of Russia are “underperforming”.

In contrast, he said that the Ukrainian forces are “far exceeding expectations”.

Mr Hodges pointed at the 40-mile long convoy with which Russian forces marched to Kyiv, which caused a backlog with large traffic jams.

The convoy has now stalled north of Kyiv.

Mr Hodges said: “It is a commander’s nightmare, forcing troops to consume the supplies they were meant to carry forward.

“No military planner would purposely allow such a large group of personnel to sit road-bound on a single highway, surrounded by agricultural land too soft to allow vehicles to divert.”

He then continued to explain that Ukraine may not have the air capabilities to destroy all of these vehicles, however, it can “take bites” out of the convoy, which is indeed already happening.

According to the former lieutenant, Russia’s forces may have only been logistically prepared for a “lightning campaign”, believing that Kyiv would fall within days.

However, Mr Hodges noted this was a “flawed assumption”.

He said: “The more sluggish the entire operation will become.

“The further into Ukraine Russian oil tanks move, the more exposed they are to attack.”

Ultimately Mr Hodges predicts that “Russia will soon struggle to deliver basic food and petrol supplies to the front, leaving soldiers hungry and immobile.”



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