Putin has 'hands over red button' as Russian leader tipped to launch 'small nuclear blast'


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Mr Ariev claimed that it was difficult to know what Vladimir Putin could consider as his next move after his forces had to significantly retreat back inside occupied territories. The Ukrainian MP warned that it was more likely that Putin would use a small “nuclear blast” to prove he is ready to escalate unless concessions are made. He suggested that rather than starting a full-scale nuclear war with other countries, Russia would overpress other countries and go too far with threats.

Mr Ariev told Express.co.uk: “Now for me, it’s difficult to know what is inside his mind… This twisted mind.

“And when people told me a couple of years ago that it is not possible that Putin will do a full-scale invasion into Ukraine.

“I told them that you’re completely wrong, and finally when some German, and French colleagues…they’ve seen that the worst concerns became true.

“So I think, he would like to do that you know, his hands are over the red button, but he will not go to a full-scale nuclear war.

“At first probably he will by trying to use a tactical one, a small nuclear blast to show that his intentions are really very very serious.

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Mr Ariev added: “But it will be turned completely against… It will affect the opposite he expected to have.

“Now, Russians they have only one… They do only one thing that turns all their activity against them, they overpress.

“They’re overpressing for everything so whatever they’re doing and whenever they’re doing, they cannot stop the line when their demands could be probably accepted by European countries.

“By other states… So they’re overpressing and going too far, always. So we have to count that and the answer for any kind of using a nuclear weapon of Putin will be…

“I expect that it will be very very serious and to make utmost… to compel Putin to forget further invasions, wars with neighbouring cities.”

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Putin bragged about the missile and claimed that it would provide Russia’s enemies “food for thought” shortly after the Satan-II test.

The Russian dictator added: “The new complex has the highest tactical and technical characteristics and is capable of overcoming all modern means of anti-missile defence.

“It has no analogues in the world and won’t have for a long time to come.

“This truly unique weapon will strengthen the combat potential of our Armed Forces, reliably ensure Russia’s security from external threats and provide food for thought for those who, in the heat of frenzied aggressive rhetoric, try to threaten our country.”




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