Putin BREAKS grain export deal after just HOURS as missiles rain down on Odesa port


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The Ukrainian military announced that the strikes had hit the port of Odesa in the Black Sea in the early hours of this morning. 

Putin had just struck a “life-saving” deal to break his blockade on the port, which included an agreement not to target ports while grain shipments were in transit.

Ukraine and Russia had signed identical but separate agreements with UN and Turkish officials, following talks in Iran between Putin and Turkey’s President Erdogan.

The deal allowed up to five million tons of grain to be moved out of Odesa, guided through sea mines by pilot ships, while the tyrant agreed not to attack them.

This comes after the UN said 44million people were “marching towards starvation” due to the war and drought, and called the deal “beacon of hope”.

Red Cross chief Robert Mardini described the deal as “nothing short of life-saving”.

But Putin appears to have immediately betrayed the deal by attacking infrastructure on the port just hours after signing it.

Ukraine’s Operational Command South wrote on Telegram: “The enemy attacked the Odesa sea trade port with Kalibr cruise missiles; two missiles were shot down by air defense forces; two hit the infrastructure of the port.”

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss had warned Putin may yet fail to honour his promise, saying: “We will be watching to ensure Russia’s actions match its words.”

She added the only route to lasting security was for Vladimir Putin to end the war and withdraw from Ukraine.

Lawyer and volunteer with the Ukrainian Army Kateryna Gorbunova described the attack as a “spit on the face of the UN”.

The cost of living crisis had been greatly worsened by Ukraine being unable to export grain, squeezing supply. 

Ukraine is the fifth largest grain producer with 22million tons in silos near Odesa.

Wheat prices had plunged to pre-war levels on news of yesterday’s deal, which was brokered in Istanbul and attended by ex-Chelsea owner and oligarch Roman Abramovich.

Putin’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu – who insisted Russia had no plans to attack days before February’s invasion – claimed: “We will not take advantage of the fact that the ports will be cleared.”


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