Princess Eugenie and Jack are 'two peas in a pod' as parents claims expert – here's why


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Princess Eugenie, 32, is one of the late Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughters. Eugenie has been photographed this week very emotional after saying goodbye to her grandmother, who sadly died on September 8 at the age of 96. The Princess gave birth to August Brooksbank, aged one, on February 9, 2021. Angela Karanja, a parenting expert and author of the new book and number one bestseller, ‘SMUGGLED: How Does a Talent Trip turn into a Teen Trafficking Trip?’, spoke to about Eugenie’s parenting style.

She spoke about Eugenie’s love of clubbing during her early 20s and whether this fun nature will continue as a mother.

Angela said: “I totally think she will continue being a fun mum. I think once you have experienced that feeling of authentic fun, you never want to go back. How can you?

“Fun is freeing…fun is healing…fun is liberating, fun is life-giving. In addition, she’s with a husband who also loves to have fun. So, we have two peas in a pod, and I think it’s just a beautiful symphony and their child is in for some fun moments.

“The mistake many parents make is forgetting to have fun. Most even forget who they were before they were parents. When we do this, we deny our children our true selves, our authenticity, creativity, and joy,” the expert claimed.

She continued: “We begin to have strict expectations on ourselves, and this then spews to everyone around us. Parents are supposed to be conduits of life not constrictors of life.

“As a royal and as well as someone who’s on social media, one thing I’ve noticed is Princess Eugenie is very public with her praise. This is towards her husband, her young son, and her mum.

“People who have the attitude of praising and complimenting others add flavour and life to others. These people are usually very comfortable and confident in who they are.

“So, their son is fortunate to have a mother who freely praises and compliments.”


Is Jack Brooksbank a good support system?

Angela added: “I feel that Eugenie’s husband is a good support system. Mainly because we’ve heard and seen this from what Princess Eugenie says and openly posts.

“Also, recently Sarah (Eugenie’s mum) defended Jack as a good father and husband. The couple have been together for a lengthy period of time, some of which was long-distance so they’ve definitely established some supportive chemistry emotionally, energetically and physically.

“If you listen or watch Eugenie, you’ll notice a lot of this supportive connection and connotation in words like ‘we wanted this, we did this, our hearts are full of love, we are excited’. This implies there’s a lot of making decisions and doing things together.”

August Brooksbank is a similar age to Sienna Mapelli Mozzi, his cousin through Princess Beatrice. Will Eugenie want her child and niece to be as close as she was to Beatrice growing up? 

Angela explained: “I think so. Especially because she enjoyed and still enjoys her relationship with her sister.

“I’m sure she’d want something similar for her child because healthy family relationships and connections are major contributory factors for positive and healthy child development.”

Angela Karanja’s newly released book ‘SMUGGLED’ tackles the topic of child trafficking, exploitation and modern-day slavery, which Princess Eugenie regularly campaigns against as the co-founder of the Anti-Slavery Collective.

Angela’s also smashed the charts and became a number one bestseller.

The book’s description says: “The book SMUGGLED dives deep into the grim web of child trafficking and exploitation revealing layers that make this crime even more dark, dirty, and dangerous.

“The author Angela Karanja propels the story in the form of a psychological thriller to present a grandstand view of the crime, its victims, perpetrators, bystanders, and revolutionists.

“The book impeccably shifts from an impoverished village in Kenya to affluent areas in the UK and finally Ashby-de-la-Zouch Leicestershire.”


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