Princess Diana 'deeply let down' by Earl Spencer over family home after royal split


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Princess Diana was forced to turn to the family following her divorce from Prince Charles. Seeking to escape the media scrum around the Royal Family which followed news of the separation Diana had looked to hid herself away at the family home of Althorpe estate in Northampton. However, Channel 5 documentary ‘When the Spencers Met the Monarchy’ uncovers how the Princess of Wales was let down “deeply” by her brother Charles. 

Ms Bond said: “After the separation, I think Diana was unsure whether she should stay at the palace or should she move out.

“Where should she go, when her brother Charles offered her Gaden house which was on all the Althorpe estate.

“It would offer her a great deal of privacy away from the cameras and a new start really.

“And she was very excited about it.”

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However, the programme narrator explains the plan was soon “stopped in its tracks.”

“Lord Spencer came to the conclusion that having the whole razzamatazz that goes with Diana right on his doorstep was not going to be such a good idea.

“So he ended up saying no,” continued royal expert Victoria Arbiter

“Well of course Diana was deeply let down she was devasted.”

He said: “The irony is that I met Martin Bashir on August 31 1995 because exactly two years later she died.

“And I do draw a line between the two events.

“It is quite clear from the introduction I sat in on [during] September 19 1995 that everyone was going to made untrustworthy.

“I do think that Diana did lose trust in really key people.”


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