Princess Anne and Meghan Markle share one personality trait – the two have a 'bond'


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Meghan Markle and Princess Anne weren’t often seen together while the Duchess of Sussex was in the UK, but when they were, the two seemed to get along well, Judi said. The body language expert explained how their body language suggested a friendship.

Looking at photographs of Meghan and Anne together, Judi spoke to about if they got on or not.

She said: “We saw very few instances of the two women together when Harry and Meghan were in the UK, but when they were their facial expressions suggest good humour on Anne’s part and a quite flattering level of fun-looking eye-attention and rapport-building smiling from a nevertheless very politely royal-rank respectful-looking Meghan.”

Meghan’s body language looked “very much as it did with the Queen”, according to Judi.

“Her trait of leaning close to smile with her tongue slightly between her teeth suggests she is happy to discover Anne’s sense of fun and possible friendship,” the body language expert said.

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“It looked like early-days friendship in terms of their body language, but they did appear to share a sense of humour.”

As well as a sense of humour, Judi claimed that both women are also just as confident as one another.

She said: “Anne and Meghan might not have shared the trait of stoicism but they might well have bonded when it came to confidence and vision.

“Anne looks relaxed and good-humoured in Meghan’s company, with some eye-crinkling smiling suggesting genuine humour.


“Her one raised brow hints she’s enjoying their conversation and enjoying making Meghan laugh.”

One of the last times Meghan and Anne were seen together was at Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding in October 2018.

The couple got married at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor.

For the occasion, Meghan donned a low-key navy-blue Givenchy coat and dress.

These celebrations took place at Buckingham Palace on March 5, 2019.

Meghan looked stunning in a white dress adorned with silver and bronze flowers, pairing it with her favourite tailored white coat.

Anne wore a blue and green tartan print coat with a large gold brooch pinned to the collar.

The women were seen talking and laughing together, seeming to enjoy one another’s company.


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