Prince Charles snapped on snowmobile after being appointed Honorary Canadian Ranger


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The Prince of Wales tried out a snowmobile for size and marvelled at its modern creature comfort of heated handles when he met the Canadian Rangers for the group’s 75th anniversary. Clarence House shared the moment on social media, as the Duke of Rothesay was snapped meeting rangers and trying out the vehicle.

The social media post said: “As the Canadian Rangers mark their 75th anniversary, HRH was delighted to be appointed as an Honorary Canadian Ranger!

“There are over 5000 Canadian Rangers who live in more than 200 communities, speaking 26 different languages and dialects, many Indigenous.”

One royal fan took to Twitter to congratulate the Prince.

@lorrain80092486 said: “Congratulations Prince Charles.”

@TheAmazingMeh added: “Rangers lead the way!”

While @sandyg1961 asked: “Does he take it for a ride?”

The Prince of Wales also revealed much of the work the Canadian Rangers do.

His social media post added: “The Canadian Rangers, part of the Canadian Forces, protect Canada by conducting patrols; reporting unusual activities; collecting local data; performing national security duties; assisting in search and rescue; and assisting with natural disasters.”

Charles did not need to be asked twice to sit astride the machine as he talked with members of the organisation in the Northwest Territories, near its capital Yellowknife, to learn about their role and the equipment they use.

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The snowmobile costs 25,000 Canadian dollars (£15,643) and has all the accessories needed by the Rangers, who describe the vehicle as an essential piece of kit for the winter conditions when the landscape is covered in snow and ice.

As he sat on the vehicle, he was told by Sergeant Andrea Fischer that the handlebars he gripped had heaters.

Charles, who was a keen skier, referred to riding a snowmobile in the past: “When I tried it 40-years-ago, there were no hand warmers.”

Earlier, when he was shown a new rifle adopted by the Rangers and the older version they had used, a Lee Enfield rifle, he recognised it immediately and said: “When I was at school 60-years-ago, that’s what we were using.”

At the end of his tour of outdoor displays showcasing the Rangers, he was presented with their uniform – a red hoodie – and made an honorary ranger.

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There are over 5000 Canadian Rangers who live in more than 200 communities, speaking 26 different languages and dialects, many Indigenous.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have been on a three-day tour of Canada – where the Queen is head of state – to mark the 96-year-old monarch’s Platinum Jubilee.

Prince Charles and Camilla also visited a Heart Garden in the east coast settlement of St John’s, dedicated to the victims of the residential school scandal and met survivors during a ceremony of remembrance.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby recently visited Canada and apologised for the “terrible crime” of the Anglican Church’s involvement in the country’s residential schools.

He also apologised for his church’s “grievous sins” against the Indigenous peoples of Canada.

The royal couple concluded their tour of Canada on Thursday by travelling to the Northwest Territories, where the Prince visited its ice road passage and Yellowknife Bay to see the impact of climate change on local communities.


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