POLL: Should car parks still accept cash after elderly drivers fined?


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Many car parks around the country have adopted parking apps to allow drivers to conveniently pay for their parking. However, in some instances, the option to pay by cash or card has been removed completely.

Author and broadcaster Pete Paphides told Radio 4 that his father struggled to pay for parking while attending a friend’s memorial service earlier in the year.

He said the machine did not accept cash or card and payments had to be made through an app.

Mr Paphides told The Times: “My dad was unsure what an app was and his bank details were not on his phone.

“He saw that there was a camera, he knew that he would probably be liable for a fine. He was anxious, it was playing on his mind.”

When Mr Paphides’s father died, he found unpaid parking fines ranging from £100 to £170.

He said the parking company “didn’t believe me” when he explained his father’s situation.

In response to the issue many elderly motorists face, he said: “In a way I’m not that surprised — these people just don’t have a voice.

“The tragic thing is, a lot of them don’t even expect to have a voice. They think they have been forgotten and no one is listening.”

Consumer champion Dame Esther Rantzen has asked ministers to intervene to stop apps from being the only method of payment.

She said the issue was stopping some people from getting out and about.

She told the Mail: “Because parking your car means independence, it means that somebody can get out and about who otherwise might be imprisoned at home.”

In the UK 13 councils have transitioned to cashless car parks and have collectively made £257million in fines.

So what do YOU think? Should car parks still accept cash after elderly drivers are fined? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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