Pippa Middleton's £250,000 Asscher-cut engagement ring is 'breath-taking' – pictures


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In 2016 it was Pippa Middleton’s turn to be the bride-to-be when her engagement to hedge fund manager and former racing driver James Matthews was publicly announced. After the news broke, the future Queen Consort’s sister was pictured wearing a stunning new rock on her ring finger.

Pippa’s engagement ring features a central Asscher-cut diamond, which was invented by Josepher Asscher in the early 20th Century.

Delightfully Art Deco, the Asscher-cut is a square shape with large step cut facets, which allows more light to enter the sparkling stone.

Asscher diamonds are considered rare because they take a significant amount of time to cut and can have up to 72 facets.

Pippa’s central Asscher-cut diamond is surrounded by a halo of diamonds for a bit of extra sparkle.

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Lorna Haddon, head of diamonds and jewellery at Beaverbrooks, said Pippa’s ring is a “traditional choice”.

She said: “Pippa’s ring is vintage-inspired with a stunning Asscher-cut diamond at its centre, a traditional choice which is complemented beautifully by a halo of round brilliant-cut diamonds.

“The platinum band is the perfect setting for showing off the breath-taking diamonds at their brilliant best.”

The Asscher-cut diamond isn’t a popular choice for royal engagement rings, but it has made an appearance in the rings of modern European royals.

Jewellery experts estimate that Kate’s sapphire ring is worth almost £400,000 due to its historical provenance.

Previously belonging to Princess Diana, Kate’s engagement ring is steeped in sentimental value for her husband Prince William and the Royal Family.

After Diana’s death, her jewellery was passed to her sons William and Prince Harry.

Kate later received the stunning gem during a holiday to Kenya with William in 2010, and she has rarely been pictured without it since.


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