'Oh my gosh it works': How to get rid of fruit flies overnight – 'the best way!'


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Fruit flies are an annoyance. They make your home less hygienic and they fly around the kitchen causing bother. Thankfully, help is at hand. The Mommy Life Squad posts helpful hacks on social media and boasts 168,600 followers.

The parenting hack platform has also amassed almost six million likes on the platform for its videos, which encompass potty training, cooking, storage, and travel hacks.

One hack to banish fruit flies from your kitchen has amassed over 186,000 likes and a huge three million views.

The content creator turned to technology to alleviate her fly problem. She asked: “Siri, how do I get rid of fruit flies?”

The virtual assistant responded to the influencer with a top piece of advice. It said: “Mix about an inch of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap in a tall glass.”

The game content creator was keen to give it a go, and she mixed the described concoction. She said: “All right that’s that, now let’s put it aside to see if it actually works.”

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The influencer explained: “I left this for a whole night and came back to it the next morning.”

On checking the experiment in the morning, she said: “Oh my gosh it works, now I’ll never have to ask Siri again.”

A number of TikTok users also testified to the hack working for them. One wrote: “Dish soap and sugar worked like crazy.”

Others suggested ways they have improved the hack. One said: “I recommend adding maple syrup because it attracts the flies faster.”

“Works best with a paper funnel. Also, throw boiling water down all the drains,” one advised.

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Another said: “You don’t even need the dish soap, apple cider vinegar by itself works just fine. Just put a plastic bag over it and poke little holes in it.”

One suggested using wine as a trap instead: “But a cheap bottle of wine. Something very sweet and pour a glass and leave it overnight. Works like a charm.”

Why does apple cider vinegar and dish soap kill flies?

This mixture is so good at killing flies thanks to the properties from its ingredients. The sweet apple cider vinegar attracts the flies to the mixture.

While flies usually land on sweet liquids and drink them, the dish soap disrupts this.

The soap means when the flies land on the mixture they fall in, and then they quickly drown.

Original cleaning guru Kim Woodburn advised Britons used another sweet trap in her advice on how to get rid of fruit flies. 

The home hygiene guru shot to fame on Channel 4’s How Clean is Your House? and now shares her cleaning insights with Express.co.uk. She recommended honey to deal with flies.

Kim explained: “If you do have a fly infestation, get some parcel tape sticky side out and put a thin layer of honey on it and stick it to your window.

“They will get drunk on the honey. Within an hour they will all be stuck to it.”


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