'Not that important' Meghan 'had to shrink' for Royal Family like 'Alice in Wonderland'


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Meghan has previously recounted her difficulties fitting in with unspoken or unexplained expectations of the British monarchy. Just under two years after her wedding to Prince Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped back from Firm duties.

They renounced royal life and relocated to Meghan’s home state of California in March 2020.

Behind the split from the Firm, Journalist and Princess Diana biographer Tina Brown described how Meghan “just couldn’t comprehend” the requirements and the lifestyle of the Royal Family, much as Alice could not understand the absurdities unfolding around her after falling down the rabbit hole in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Ms Brown claimed: “Even as Meghan became bigger on the global stage, like Alice in Wonderland she had to shrink into the voiceless requirements of service to the Crown.

“She just couldn’t comprehend that. For an actress, star power is leverage.”

This “star power” matters far less in the corridors of Buckingham Palace, Ms Brown said.

Meghan likely came to feel “not that important to the Palace” – small, as Alice became, in her new setting.

Ms Brown added: “If you don’t get what you want as an actress, it’s, “Call my agent!”

“But if you’re in the Palace and you’re married to the sixth in line, however big your star power, you are not that important to the Palace.

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In the Duke and Duchess’s explosive interview with US chat show host Oprah Winfrey last year, Meghan described her alienation within the Royal Family household.

This included feeling left adrift by a lack of “guidance” on the rules she must adhere to as a member of the Royal Family, which she was not familiar with given her upbringing in the US.

She said: “There was no guidance.

“Unlike what you see in the movies, there’s no class on how to speak, how to cross your legs, how to be royal. That was not offered to me.

“Even down to the National Anthem.

“No one thought to say, ‘Oh, you’re American, you’re not going to know that’.

“So that’s me, late at night, Googling it.”

She added: “I grew up in LA – I see celebrities all the time – but it’s not the same.

“This is a completely different ball game.”


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