'Not exactly radical inspiring vision!' Sophy Ridge ridicules Yvette Cooper Labour plan


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The comments came as Ridge, a presenter on Sky News, spoke to Yvette Cooper, Shadow Home Secretary, live this morning. Ridge started by asking which candidates Labour would be most “scared” of fighting in a general election, with Cooper responding by saying there is a “chaotic catwalk of candidates.”

Cooper added that Labour felt none of the candidates was “fit” for running the country, and proposed a fresh start for the United Kingdom.

She also stressed that Boris Johnson should step down “immediately” and that all of the candidates now in the running to be the next Prime Minister should be “encouraging” him to do so.

But Sophy Ridge ridiculed Cooper after she claimed “it’s only Labour who has plans to grow the economy”.

Ridge responded to Cooper by saying: “You say the Conservatives have 12 years of misery they put on the United Kingdom and that there’s a cost of living crisis and labour’s the one with a plan but the one policy you talk about is the windfall tax that is already in motion anyway…

“Really it’s just a drop in the ocean when you look at what’s actually needed, it’s not really the radical inspiring vision that the trick suggests.”

But Cooper quickly responded by defending the importance of the policy, saying: “What it did was it set out a principle which was Labour party helping families across the country with their energy bills and the Conservatives opposed it until we put so much pressure on they were forced to do a u-turn.

“All your candidates have opposed the windfall tax throughout the last few months when we’ve been debating this.

“In the end, it’s about who you stand up for.”

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The chancellor described the new tax as a 25% Energy Profits Levy.

The important feature of this extra tax is that any money the companies may have lost in previous years, or money they are spending on things like decommissioning North Sea oil platforms cannot be used to reduce the amount of tax they pay.


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