'NATO all about war' Putin's puppet in bizarre rant as he defends Russia 'peace' mission


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The Russian professor went on to discuss the NATO summit which was held in Madrid this week. Avatkov compared the NATO summit which saw Western leaders come together to discuss defence strategies and the Caspian summit in Turkmenistan, which Russian President Vladimir Putin attended at the same time. The academic slammed the West and claimed that they were “all about war”, and went on to claim that Russia’s position was “so vastly different”. This week NATO announced plans to boost defences and expand alliances with other countries in order to counter Russia.

Avatkov blamed Western Governments for disrupting global connections with other countries.

He said: “The situation is very interesting, we look at the images from NATO’s summit then we look at the images from the Caspian summit.

“The images are drastically different, the Caspian summit is in Ashgabat, the city of love, it’s all about cooperation.

“And these comrades over there in the West in that small part of the world, for some reason they’re all about war.

“They’re always about war and we’re always about cooperation, this is where Russia’s position is so vastly different.

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Avaktok added: “The Russian position is all about peace and security, versus the West, which undermines the security.

“And does everything to disrupt all global connections, that is the main difference.”

Western NATO leaders met at the same time as the presidents of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan who met in Ashgabat the capital of Turkmenistan.

The leaders held an alternative summit to discuss international issues and to plan how best they could regionally cooperate with one another.

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Former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe for NATO, General Sir Richard Shirreff has already warned this week that ‘Russia is at war with us’.

Sir Shirreff told Sky News: “I think we should not in any way understate the importance of this NATO summit. This NATO Summit is probably the most important summit in over 70 years of the NATO alliance.”

“And what this represents is a massive inflection, a total strategic shift, a recognition by the 30 members of the alliance that they face potentially an existential threat from the aggression of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

“And the only way to ensure that the hot war in Ukraine does not become a hot war engulfing the whole of the European-transatlantic region is to go down the road of increased deterrents, increasing effective forces.

“So, this is some way toward achieving that. At the same time, of course, if NATO is to ramp up the support supplies, and offensive weaponry and support Ukraine in that task of ultimately defeating Putin, the alliance is taking risks. So, there’s also a way of managing that risk.”


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