Mum with 'Britain's biggest eyebrows' looks totally different without them


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Sammie-Jo Hailford, 27, painted on her eyebrows last year because she wanted to “make a statement” that being different should be celebrated. However, she admitted this week that strangers reacted by telling her she was not fit to be a mother and threatening to call social services.

Now mum-of-two Sammie-Jo has shared a video to her 90,000 TikTok followers, in which she has removed the liquid liner with baby wipes.

And she looks unrecognisable as a result.

Strangers this time praised her social media antics, telling her she looks “beautiful” without the paint.

“Beautiful with or without. But what matters is what makes you feel comfortable. No one can tell you how you should dress or act or do your makeup.” one message said.

“OMG you have such nice shaped eyebrows without all that makeup on don’t need it all,” reads another post.

“Not in a million years would I say you’re the same person. Natural beauty always wins,” another fan stated.

More than 20,000 people liked the social media post altogether, Daily Star reports.

Speaking after wiping off the massive brows, Sammie-Jo said: “Personally I love myself without makeup and I also love myself with makeup. But I prefer myself with the makeup because I feel the brows make me feel liberated and free.

“The reaction I’ve had from people has been bad and good.

“I’ve had a lot of hate and judgment for my eyebrows and makeup but I’ve also had a lot of people being nice and supportive and I’ve seen them fighting the negative people in comments – it was very overwhelming.”

The full-time mum, from Grimsby, Lincolnshire, was laughed at on the street after creating her massive brows.

Trolls also frequently targeted her online.

Speaking earlier this week, Sammie-Jo said: “”People have said I shouldn’t be a mum and they are going to ring social services because of my eyebrows. It gets really extreme on the internet.

“They can call social services because I have nothing to hide.

“My eyebrows don’t determine whether I’m a good mother or not.”


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