Mrs Hinch fans share which products they 'swear by' to clean white trainers – 'brand new'


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Sophie Oldfield also loves The Pink Stuff: “I use Pink stuff white powder: make a paste to cover the trainer, soak overnight then put in the washing machine.”

Angela Reid’s method even keeps teenagers happy: “Had the same problem last week with my teens’ white shoes. Best thing I used was a Magic Eraser – he was chuffed to see them looking like new again.”

Kirstie Rouse provided this top tip: “I have used Cream Cleaner on my kids’, but be careful of the stitching, unless you get them in water to rinse after.”

Angela Devitt North’s hack was simple but effective: “Put in the washing machine 30° wash, they will be fine, then just dry on top of a radiator.”


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