Monkeypox: Dog catches disease from owner in first human to pet transmission – key signs


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Is monkeypox treatable?

Yes, monkeypox is treatable and most patients recover within a few weeks without the need for treatment. However, the NHS warns that “if your symptoms are more severe and you become unwell, you may need treatment in hospital”.

Should someone develop symptoms of monkeypox, they are advised to self-isolate and keep away from others for two to four weeks.

In response to the outbreak, the Government has set up a monkeypox self-isolation guidance page. It states that patients should only leave their home “for essential purposes such as emergencies, urgent medical appointments, or for urgent health, and wellbeing issues”.

While it is possible to recover from monkeypox, a lot of the Government’s energy on this matter has gone into reducing the risk of people developing illness as a result of this infection through vaccination. However, this has come with its own set of problems.

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