Missed the AirPods price crash on Black Friday? We've got some incredible news for you

AirPods rely on a custom-designed H1 to instantly connect to your iPhone. Flipping open the case for the first will summon a pop-up that pairs the ‘buds with your iPhone – no need to dig through the Bluetooth settings menu on your handset. Any other Apple-branded gadgets signed in with the same iCloud account will be paired during this process too, so your AirPods will seamlessly switch to your iPad, Mac or Apple TV as you put down and pick up your devices.

AirPods boast a five-hour battery life, while the carry case holds enough juice to top-up both ‘buds for a total of 24-hours of listening time. The case is charged via Lighting cable – the same one used to top-up your iPhone.

Better yet, if you’re all-in on Apple goodies and have an Apple Watch on your wrist, you can preload the smartwatch with songs and stream your tunes wirelessly from there to your AirPods. Perfect if you want to head out for a hike or a run and leave your phone at home. 

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