Meghan 'truly believed' part-time royal plan would 'elevate Royal Family into super power'


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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down as senior working royals in 2020. Aftert heir exit, it has been alleged that the couple, while not wanting to be full-time members of the Royal Family, had a plan to be “part-time” royals. Royal expert Neil Sean discussed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s plan on a recent video and claimed Meghan “truly believed” the part-time plan would “elevate” the monarchy “into an international level”.

Mr Sean added: “Harry and Meghan had this super plan, this half in and half out, sort of, plan.

“The background to that was Meghan, as ever, she truly believed that this would elevate the British monarchy onto new level, an international level where people would genuinely think, you know, they’re a super power, a brand new league of their own.”

He added: “On paper, some of her ideas did look quite good.

“I’ve been privy enough to see some of them.”

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Mr Sean added: “You see, it’s the monarchy and they have spend over a thousand years putting their own brand together.

“[This] certainly wasn’t going to change it in 10 minutes, on the arrival of some, sort of, B-list actress from a cable TV soap.”

He claimed Prince Harry “couldn’t believe the Queen had turned him down”, following the couple wanting to continue as part-time royals.

The royal expert continued: “There was no fancy, sort of, arguments or anything like that, Meghan and Harry thought they’d hatched the perfect plan for them to become an international ambassador, if you like, for the British monarchy.”

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They completed their final royal engagement in March 2020, just before the Covid pandemic hit the globe.

The couple now reside in California with their two children, son Archie, 3 and daughter Lilibet, 1.



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