Married BBC presenter 'fathered child with stripper before making her sign NDA'


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A married BBC star allegedly fathered a child with a stripper, before cutting off contact and forcing her to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The exotic dancer claimed to have had a six-month casual relationship with the prime-time presenter. She said he “vanished” and “blocked all of [her] numbers” after she told him she was pregnant.

The woman claimed a DNA test revealed the BBC star is a familial match to her daughter, but “stopped short of a paternal match”, alleging that another relative helped him “cheat the result.”

She told the Sun: “He was working on a show in the area when I met him at a nightclub. I went in and asked him to sign my shirt.

“He smiled, grabbed the pen and signed his famous catchphrase across my boobs.

“He then asked for my number and rang me a few days after that.”

She claims she met up with him “about five or six times” over a six-month period at the “penthouse suites of all the nice hotels.”

The dancer claimed that as soon as she told him she was pregnant, “he said he couldn’t have kids, and denied she was his.”

She added: “He then blocked all of my numbers, changed his — and vanished.”

The dancer then claims to have contacted the broadcaster’s attorney, after which time he was ordered to take a paternity test.

She explained: “Everything matched. They were able to say without any doubt that the father was a familial match. But it stopped short of a paternal match.

“It was a ridiculous situation — the suggestion being that instead of getting pregnant by him it might have been his brother, dad, uncle or grandad.”

The woman added: “We’ve never been able to prove otherwise but we think the male relative who was with him when he took the test helped him cheat the result.”

As a result of the paternity test being inconclusive, the TV star was not required to pay child support.

The woman also claims she was ordered to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

She said: “He insisted I sign a non-disclosure agreement that prevented me from talking about it. I wasn’t paid any money.

“I was left to it, all on my own with not a penny from him. I was young and dumb, pregnant and scared with my first child.

“I just did what I was told, smiled and signed what I needed to sign and then went on my merry way.

“Luckily, the NDA only applies to me and doesn’t cover my daughter.

“Under the terms of the NDA she is not allowed to try and contact him or talk about him until she turns 16. But when the time is right, she will be able to do what the hell she wants.”

While the dancer claims the BBC star was “desperate” to keep her quiet, she added: “I don’t have any regrets in life and I’ve got my beautiful daughter from it.”


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