Lukashenko announces overall mobilisation as Belarus struggles with steep price increases


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Aleksandr Lukashenko said that school children can be used to harvest potatoes, beetroot and flaxseed, and claimed the decision would bring his people together. The Belarusian leader and ally of Putin explained that the collection of vegetables would bring more money to the country as early as Spring next year. Belarus is currently struggling with a food pricing problem due to sanctions imposed on the country by the West because of Lukashenkos’s support of Vladimir Putin in his unravelling invasion of Ukraine.

In a clip shared online, Lukashenko said: “Mobilise everyone, it is reported to me that in our secondary school it is forbidden to involve school children to pick up apples, or as we used to do: potatoes, beetroot, flax and so on.

“I cannot imagine a greater savagery, Igor Petrovich! We somehow try to educate our schoolchildren, our children.

“What will you use? Talking? You can’t educate them with talking.

“We went to the potatoes harvest in September, students and so on.

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Lukashenko added: “This unites people brings them together, they understand and what it is.

“So mobilise students, workers, civil servants, other people to help us remove it all because we can earn good money, not now but by Spring.

“Look out for stabilisation funds, so that people have something to eat, so that prices of potatoes and carrots, beets, which we produce do not rise up.

“We shall sort out the prices of imported goods, the main thing is that our similar products should be under control as regards the pricing.

“Do what we can this year, please get involved and finish the agricultural year with dignity.”

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“You get to exercise, some small amount of money and probably get to bring some bags of vegetables home (probably like 20-30 kilos) I wouldn’t mind 😀 beats being a fertilizer in Ukraine.”

Belarus is now suffering economically in various ways caused by imposed Western sanctions due to President Lukashenko’s allyship with Russian dictator Putin.

The sanctions imposed on Belarus by the UK Government included regulations on aircraft, shipping and trade.

Belarusian people have a reputation for their love of potatoes, and it has been reported that the country consumes an estimated 180kg of potatoes every day, as the food is a staple in the diet of many.



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