'Looks brand new': Easy hack to get kettle sparkling by eradicating limescale


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A TikTok property and cleaning expert has shared her hack to clean the limescale from your kettle, showing off her own amazing results. The content creator asked: “No judgement, but when was the last time you disinfected your kettle? Today, I’m going to show you how to do it.”

Some viewers were shocked to learn they needed to clean their kettles.

One wrote, “Omfg I’ve never done this in my 23 years,” while another said, “Omg I need to do this”.

Others added their tips for other followers to try.

One fan said: “Using purified water to boil in the kettle helps lessen the build-up (in my experience).”

Another said: “It’s better if you add half a lemon.”

What is the limescale in your kettle?

Limescale from boiling hard water in particular. If you live in a hard

water area, you will see the build-up limescale accumulate quickly.

Limescale is a mixture of magnesium and calcium, which are left behind when hard water boils away.

It can make your water taste strange, as well as make your kettle less effective.

It can be tricky to remove if left to build up for a long time, so cleaning your kettle frequently is a good idea.

How to clean limescale from your kettle

It’s possible to buy limescale cleaners from shops, or you can easily make some at home, with white vinegar or lemon juice.

Fill your kettle three-quarters of the way with water and vinegar, or water with the juice of a lemon.

Let this soak for up to an hour and then boil the kettle a few times.

Then rinse the kettle and wipe it with a cloth, inside and outside.


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