‘Looks a bit dodgy’ James May shocked by astonishing bargain in Our Man in Italy


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Better known as part of the Top Gear trio, James May is hitting the road solo for his new travel series. The presenter explores Italy, kicking off with Sicily in episode one.

After enjoying some of Italy’s culinary delights, James travelled to find out more about a unique Italian bargain.

He visited Mussomeli, a gorgeous Sicilian town, which is home to just a few thousand people.

The town has sadly fallen on hard times due to depopulation with James saying: “Residents were even prepared to move to Surrey in England.”

Mussomeli has come up with a unique plan to bring new residents to the stunning Sicilian plot.

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James was shown around one of the town’s one euro homes, on offer to anyone who’s willing to take on the challenge.

He said: “Now if I was a British estate agent, I would say that this is an ideal first time property with numerous period features, in need of some heavy renovation.

“I.e a bit of a craphole. But it is a house, it has services, it has water and electricity, they’re not turned on.”

James added: “Some of the wiring looks a bit dodgy but it’s no worse than the Alfa Romeo 155 to be honest.


The former Top Gear star donned a costume and joined musicians in the town square to perform for residents.

In the trailer, James jokes: “I hope that was as enjoyable to you to watch as it was for me to experience. But I bet it wasn’t.”

James May, Our Man in Italy is released on Amazon Prime on July 15 and there are six episodes.

Over the six episodes, James will explore almost the whole of Italy as he seeks to discover the secret of the Dolce Vita.


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