Liz Truss backed by Lord Trimble’s widow as PM- ‘His legacy will be safe’


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Lady Trimble threw her weight behind Liz Truss – saying one of her husband’s last acts was to declare his support for her, a news report claimed.

Lady Trimble said she and her husband believed the Foreign Secretary had the “best record and a viable plan to protect our Union” as a result of her opposition to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Writing in The Telegraph, she said: “I am confident that my husband’s legacy, peace in Northern Ireland, will be safe with her.”

Lady Trimble said one of the last things her husband did before he died was to ask his son to sort out voting papers in the Tory leadership election.

She wrote: “I believe that in this contest, Liz Truss has the best record and a viable plan to protect our Union and Northern Ireland’s integral place within it. I know David thought the same.

“One of the last things he did before we lost him was to ask his son to collect his voting papers so he could vote for Liz. He was adamant that she was what the country needed and I agree.

“She has already proven her resolve and bravery in the face of opposition to our most valuable asset, and I am confident that my husband’s legacy, peace in Northern Ireland, will be safe with her.”

Lord Trimble, who died last month, was leader of the Ulster Unionist Party from 1995 to 2005, during which time he helped negotiate the 1998 Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland.

Along with John Hume, the SDLP leader, he won the Nobel Peace Prize later that year for his “efforts to find a peaceful solution to the conflict in Northern Ireland”.

He joined the Conservatives in 2007, two years after he lost his Westminster seat along with many of his UUP colleagues.

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