'Larry the Cat would be a better PM' Alastair Campbell lashes out Boris Johnson


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Alistair Campbell took a massive hit at Boris Johnson by claiming Larry the Cat would be a better fit to run the country than Boris Johnson himself.

He told Sky News: “Larry the Cat right now would be a better prime Minister than Boris Johnson. 

“Anybody on the planet would be a better Prime Minister than Boris Johnson.

“Why? Because he’s not capable of governing.”


“This is what he lives for. getting into massive scrapes and then trying to get out of them,” he slammed.

When Sky News’ Key Burley noticed that his Cabinet ministers could not get him to resign, Mr Campbell reacted, saying: “Well, they tried it, Kay. But you know, they’re doing it on their own different ways. 

“Michael Gove, it seems, went to him, and said: ‘Listen, look your time is up and the best response is, you know, dig down deeper into the buncker, take out the revolver and shoot out Michael Gove. 

“There will be others in there. I don’t know if it’s true that Priti Patel has told him that he has to go. I don’t know.”

Long-term ally Home Secretary Priti Patel has reportedly advised Boris Johnson to step down amid crumbling support. However, two top Cabinet ministers – Nadine Dorries and Jacob Rees-Mogg have pledged their unwavering support and called on the Prime Minister to stay on.

Sky News’ Kay Burley said the situation reminded her of Gordon Brown holed up in 10, Downing Street clinging on to power. 

“It is perhaps something that prime Ministers do,” she noticed.

Mr Campbell said: “Well, I do think Kate that was a very different situation. Gordon Brown fought the election to David Cameron. The outcome was unclear. Yes, David Cameron got the bigger number of seats. We didn’t get a majority. And Gordon, I think, behaved incredibly responsibly.

“And actually, I was in the room with Gordon Brown when he was on the phone to Nick Clegg. I can remember word for word the words Brown said to Nick Clegg: ‘Nick, we can’t keep the Queen hanging around for ages. You have to make your mind up.

“Clegg made his mind up to go with the Cabinet. 

“So, I think this is completely different.

“Gordon Brown was actually trying to make sure rthat the Consitutional principles were upheld.”


“What’s happening with this guy (Boris Johnson) is he is sitting there thinking: ‘Okay, I got away with lying to the Queen about prorogation of Parliament. I wonder if I can get away with doing it again now.’

“The idea of this guy now leading the Conservative Party in general election is simply ridiculous. He’s becoming utterly ridiculous. I think loathing of them is turning him into an absolute disgust. 

“The only thing I care about with this guy is trhe damage he’s been doing to this country. I told you yesterday, I was getting hundreds of bits from news organisations from the world. This story is playing out rigth around the globe. We are a global joke. 

“And until this guy goes, the world will continue to laugh at us and that will continue to damage us.”

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