Kardashian stepbrother Brody Jenner sparks concern after he goes on live rant while shirtless & drinking tequila at 6am

BRODY Jenner went on a rampage against vaccinating kids and the importance of natural immunity during a lengthy rant on Instagram early this morning.

The shirtless Kardashian step brother rambled on, at times incoherently, while drinking what appeared to be a hard seltzer he is a spokesman for.

Instagram/Brody Jenner

A shirtless Brody Jenner went on an Instagram rant this morning[/caption]


Brody is stepbrother to Kim Kardahsian[/caption]

In a dark room, with his camera aimed up at his face, the 38 year old went on a profanity laced tirade, first about injecting small children:

“Why are we having this experiment on little kids? You know what I’m saying? Five year olds!

“We’re injecting them with something to f**k with their immune system.”

From there, he turned his attention to natural immunity, and, in his opinion, the lack of studies regarding it.

“There’s zero studies on natural immunity. That’s the f**king saddest, craziest thing. I wonder why guys? Why do you think that is?”

He added: “We are creating a generation of hypochondriacs and it’s so f**king disgusting and so sad.”

Brody revealed that he is not vaccinated, and in his opinion has had Covid “at least four times.”

He claims he’s not against the vaccine, just not in favor of forcing children, who ma not have a say otherwise, to take it.

“If you want to get the vaccine, get the vaccine. “If you want to get the booster, get the booster,” he contested. “Do not give it to children that don’t have that option.”


Reaction in the chat room as he was speaking was sharply divided.

One person asked: “What am I watching? Loved Brody, but he is off his rocker.”

While another agreed with the model: “Any parent that knowingly allows their child to get this shot should have their kids taken away from them.”

Even Brody’s former girlfriend, Amber Davis, weighed in, calling her ex a: “fruitcake.”

Vegas Fight

Brody is no stranger to controversy, and just last August found himself in the middle of a brawl in Las Vegas.

While partying in Sin City, The Hills: New Beginnings star got into a fight after a random man rushed at Brody and his friends at OMNIA Nightclub in Caesar’s Palace.

According to TMZ, the man targeted Brody and put the MTV star in a headlock.

Along with his friends and security, Brody fought the attacker off and eventually got him on the ground.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Brody did his best to fight off the man and even foot stomped his attacker before the two men were separated.

No one involved in the violent brawl was arrested, while security was able to de-escalate the situation.

The incident took place just before Brody turned 38 on August 21.

Instagram/Brody Jenner

Brody spoke out against vaccinating young children[/caption]


Brody’s famous ex girlfriend list includes Kaitlynn Carter (above) and Lauren Conrad[/caption]


Brandon, Brody, Kim Kardashian, Bruce and Leah Jenner attend a release party for Brandon and Leah’s new EP “Cronies” on April 8, 2013[/caption]

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